Author: William Adams

The Difference between Spyware and Malware

The modern world is without any doubt a place where the Internet rules supreme in many aspects of the everyday life. Using the Internet and its capabilities, people are able to communicate and send and receive data with any other place on the globe, no matter where they might be located. Thanks to the mobile device revolution, the Internet is present in any place thanks to the use of tablets, smartphones, and other connected gadgets. Because of this, the life of a modern individual is irrevocably tied to the online domain both personally and professionally. But, at the same time, as the number of users began to surge, so did people with malevolent intent start to get involved in it. This fact leads to the gradual rise of many malicious threats that face people who use the Internet every...

What Is Spyware?

A lot of people don't know the difference between spyware and a virus.  This video attempts to explain the nuances of what spyware is.  In order to protect against spyware you sometimes have to get a separate program to remove it as it's not a "virus" and your antivirus software may not even detect it.  

Simple Steps to Protect Your Data

There has been a lot of uproar about data theft and hacking that lead to many troubles to Hollywood celebrities. However, the thing to notice here is that no one is secure out there online. Therefore, it becomes essential for each one of us to secure data to the best of our knowledge. This certainly calls for applying some simple steps that will go a long way to data security. 1. Online Security Essentials The foremost thing that you need to focus upon is cloud access, and another is that of login credentials. When you are working in the cloud then, it is essential to ensure that the infrastructure that you are using is a secure exchange of data. It should be encrypted both ways. Another thing is that of login credentials that should never be revealed to anyone no matter what. Exchan...